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          The MADummy help me achieve my first rank in 
Filipino Kali/Kuntaw  Filipino Kali/Kuntaw Test Certif1cation

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Also an online  workshop detailing how I  setup my martial arts training gym right in my own garage! 

Martial Arts Knee Strike

 New-How to Build a Mixed   Martial Arts Training Dummy          Click Here! 


 Recent MMA Martial Arts Newsletter Articles with Video Tips

Homemade Marital Arts Training Dummy - are easy to make. Here's a good example of how easy it is.

Good Silat Techniques to Pratice - you can practice these one by one, good for straight punch and knife defense

Marital Arts Training Dummies are becoming more popular. Heres a video of a  good one.

Pipe and Stick Disarm Disarming a stick or pipe can be done  . . . see how

Mixed Marital Arts Undefeated Filipino Fighter 42 years old . . .

FMA Brotherhood Midwest Gathering - Parts 1-2- 3 - Basic Kali sticks  drill with empty hand.

New Martial Arts Staff Training Videos Series-  Part One is the basic concept of removing all your opponents  weapons with one move!  Read More!

New Martial Arts Training Equipment Store - the best equipment online!

New MMA Weight Training - videos for martial arts excerise

Five Part - Jason Borne Hack and Elbow Drill for speed, power, muscle memory

Part Three - Panantukan & Silat Techniques Videos
are easy to find and add to your weekly training.  I look for drills that I can do on the MADummy like these videos ..Read More

Part Two - Panatukan  Filipino boxing drills -
 in this example the opponent  throws a punch and you:

  1. Perry the punch and redirect it to the side of the face
  2. Monitor the other hand - all in one motion ... Read more

NEW - Example of Filipino Boxing "Panantukan" - using the MADummy and downloading video from you can train with the best martial artist in the world.  Find out how.  Read more ...

New- Mixed Martial Arts Training Dummy

Mix Marital Arts Training Dummy takes your training to a whole new level!   Now you can practice your moves,  learn your Filipino Kali Kuntaw martial arts faster than ever before.  Muscle memory is only built one way and that’s  doing a repetitive moves over and over again.

I created this Martial Arts Training Dummy because I needed to get my (reps) in so I could remember the moves and create a flow of attacks and counter-attacks.  By learning the basics and then building on them you can now master what ever your working on.

Build your own steel Marital Arts Training Dummy Now.   For  membership details  click here

Open hand techniques mixed martial arts training drills, weapons such as sticks,  staff,  knife applications all can be applied on this new karate training dummy.   Your learning curve is much faster and the realism of actually striking a opponent like target is the only way to train.   Elbow and knee strikes can be applied at full speed with full force,  head butts can be done with more realistic movements.

Take downs,  arm drags can all be applied because the martial arts dummies bends at the waist and falls back on a 45 degree angle.   It’s great to have this training tool in my arsenal.


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